Another Needless Victim to Choking January 03, 2018 16:22


We often get stories sent to us about choking victims, some are saved using Dechoker, others heard about our device too late. We wanted to share this story with you that we received today, these are needless deaths and can be stopped! Help us spread the word and get this wonderful product in people's hands.


This story was submitted by Pete - 

"We were eating a steak dinner in our hotel room in Gatlinburg, TN.   I had used the Heimlich on my wife twice before in our 12 year marriage.  I could tell right away she had a problem. I tried several times but was unsuccessful.  The ambulance got seemingly very quickly after I called 911 (adrenaline has made time irrelevant in my memory of that night).  They could not get it up either.  We had a 20 minute ride to the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance.  The hospital finally got it up, but her brain had been without oxygen for 20-30 minutes.  The notes from the hospital said they did not expect her to survive."


Our hearts go out to this family and the many others who have similar situations. Please share this post and raise awareness for the Dechoker device, these types of stories can be prevented!


As you can see on the graphic below, choking deaths in the US on the rise - We need Dechoker more now than ever!


You can check out and support Pete and his family here: