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Common Choking Hazards in the Summer

June 18, 2021

Common Choking Hazards in the Summer

Here comes the sun!...Summer is here, school is out, and kids are ready to enjoy many summertime activities that may have been put on hold last summer. Backyard picnics, barbecues, trips to the amusement parks or fairs, beaches and campgrounds, birthday parties and outings to the ballpark all involve eating and can increase choking risks, especially when kids are less supervised. 

Some of the most popular summertime foods that cause choking among kids are: hot dogs, whole grapes, carrots, popcorn, candy and marshmallows.It is best to prepare these foods with choking prevention in mind... cut them into very small sizes for young kids and to pay extra close attention when children are eating them.  For example, cut hot dogs into strips first, then into small pieces, instead of into rounds.  This can also be applied to foods like carrots, cheese sticks and grapes.  Round foods are most likely to get caught in the throat and cause choking.

Kids are more likely to choke on food than other objects, and that choking risk goes up even more when kids are lying down and compressing their windpipes, or when they’re running around.When kids eat something and then start running around, they are more likely to choke then if they are sitting still.  

The safest way to eat is sitting upright at a table, taking small bites, chewing food thoroughly and not running while eating, even though summer seems to bring up so many other impromptu snacks and meal times for kids. During the summer months, things are less structured and trusted adults like parents and teachers may not be there if an emergency happens resulting in less supervision.

What can you do as a parent or caregiver? Start by having a conversation with your kids about choking risks and prevention. Get the whole family involved so that in these summer months when supervision levels shift, you’ve got some backup. You should also talk with any babysitters, daycare employees or other childcare providers about how they can help to prevent choking emergencies.

Our final tip for parents during these stressful months is to give yourself some peace of mind by adding a Dechoker device to your family’s first-aid kit. Our innovative,easy-to-use anti-choking device has already saved many lives, and proves to be an important addition to every home - at any time of year.

Learn more here aboutThe Dechoker andhow it works.

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