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Dechoker Saves 34th Life in Close Call at Spanish Nursing Home

March 15, 2019

Dechoker Anti Choking Device Saves 34th Life in Close Call at Spanish Nursing Home

The Dechoker anti-choking device saved another life this week, bringing the total number of documented life-saving incidents to 34.

This latest rescue happened at the Sanitas nursing home in northern Spain. According to staff, an 84-year-old resident began choking and turned purple while eating a meal. Caretakers performed the Heimlich maneuver and compressions without any success. When the man lost consciousness, they also tried to manually clear his airway using a finger, but that didn’t work either. That’s when first responders decided to use the Dechoker, which successfully removed the obstruction on the 5th attempt. The man then began to breathe and regained consciousness.

This very close call is just the latest of dozens of life-savings events involving the Dechoker. Learn more about how the Dechoker works here.

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