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Is the Dechoker Suitable for My 10-Month-Old Baby?

March 13, 2019

About the Dechoker Device Being Suitable for 10-Month-Old Baby

The Dechoker is currently available in three sizes: toddlers, children, and adults, with the following age guidelines:

  •  Toddlers: 12 months to 3 years
  •  Children: 3 years to 12 years
  •  Adults: 12 years and up

If your child is under 12 months old, you may wonder if the toddler size will be able to protect him or her in the event of a choking emergency. Dr. Randall Snook, Medical Director for Dechoker, shares his insight below.

Q: Can I use the Dechoker on my 10-month-old baby who is eating solid food?

A: Thank you for your question! The answer revolves strictly around the size of the infant. Each device age range has a mask sized for the particular size of individual in that age group.

One suggestion would for the mother to get a copy of a 'growth chart' for infants for the age range and sex 'birth to 36 months'. This can be easily found on a Google or Bing search, or at her pediatrician's office. The CDC has a very reliable one for the US. Spain may have their own particular growth chart corresponding to infants in Spain. Using this she can plot her baby's length and weight at 10 months and then extrapolate her baby's length and weight across to a baby at 12 months. As long as her baby does not fall below the 25% growth line for 12 months in either length or weight the device mask should work and create good seal over the face when using and allow adequate suction to remove the foreign body obstruction.

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