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Retired Los Angeles Police Sergeant Endorses Dechoker Device

March 26, 2019

A retired police sergeant from the city of Los Angeles is one of many veteran first responders throwing their support behind the innovative Dechoker anti-choking device. Retired Sergeant Dan Romo said in an email to Dechoker President Alan Carver recently,

“While I teach CPR, it’s common knowledge that infants and children rarely suffer heart attacks, they choke on small items, unless they have a pre-existing medical condition. Your product may very well place a first responder in a position of advantage for a life saving technique that won’t require a technical skill, which over time may fall short due to a lack of recent experience.”

Decades of Experience Led Up to Endorsement

Romo spent 26 years as a first responder and has worked as a CPR/AED/First Aid instructor for the past decade. He is currently a certified instructor through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (E.C.S.I.), an organization which provides first aid, CPR, and other emergency training to people in many different industries and markets. According to Romo, his instruction has been credited with saving 35 lives in just the last five years. The dangers of choking hit close to home for Romo when was faced with saving the life of his own daughter.

“I have firsthand experience with a choking child, my 2-year-old daughter whom I was able to save using Back Blows and Chest compressions. However, if I had used your product, the crucial lost time giving a multiple series of back blows and chest compressions would have been minimized.”

After viewing the Dechoker, Romo decided to endorse it as “a first choice for a choking victim’s immediate recovery, as opposed to abdominal thrusts.”

You can read two of Romo’s emails to Dechoker in their entirety below:



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