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The Dechoker Completes the Circle of Choking Prevention

April 01, 2019

The Dechoker for Life-Saving Choking Prevention

If parenting had a job description, protecting their kids would be right at the top of the list of responsibilities. From the moment a parent holds a child for the first time, he or she has already spent countless hours planning how to keep them safe from the many dangers of today’s world.

Current Protective Systems

Most of these thoughts and planning center on the biggest risks children face. For example, injuries from motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of deaths in children. To keep their kids safe, parents carefully select and install car seats. However, if not used properly, even car seats can fail to keep children safe in accidents. Multiple factors go into keeping kids safe from every risk. Each part of this protection “circle” must be in place for the system to work.

The same is true for drowning, which is another top cause of death for kids. To keep children safe, parents and caretakers install gates around pools, use flotation devices, and sign the kids up for swimming lessons. However, water can turn deadly in a matter of seconds with and without these protective measures. Parents and caregivers must always stay on guard.

The Truth About Choking

Interestingly, though choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in children under five years old, parents’ circle of prevention is rarely complete. At least one child dies from choking every five days in the United States. Most parents know how to spot choking. Many make careful feeding choices with toddlers and young children, cutting up or avoiding certain foods to help keep them safe. Some may take a baby first aid course to learn how to prevent choking and what to do if their child chokes. They learn to use back blows on the baby or perform the Heimlich maneuver. But the unfortunate reality is this still may not be enough.

How Dechoker Completes the Circle

The life-saving Dechoker anti-choking device helps complete the circle of protection. Its innovative design can be used to prevent choking deaths in toddlers and children 12 months or older as well as adults. The Dechoker uses suction to safely and effectively remove the obstruction in those critical moments when a person is choking. Learn more about how the Dechoker works here.

If you are not fully prepared for a choking emergency, consider getting some updated training and add Dechoker anti-choking devices based on age to your first aid kit. Remember, car seats and even smoke alarms were not common or required just a few decades ago. Hopefully, with enough awareness about choking and the Dechoker, parents can complete the circle and be truly prepared to protect their children when it matters most.

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