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August 31, 2018

Dechoker Anti-Choking Device Updates

We just wanted to make a quick post to bring everyone up to date on a few of exciting things going on at Dechoker!

TWO MORE LIVES SAVED - We received confirmation of two more lives saved, these two were both in assisted living homes in UK. This bring the total to 20 lives that would not otherwise be here today if not for Dechoker!

CLINICAL STUDY LAUNCH - We have begun an IRB sanctioned study with a third party Clinical Research Organization (CRO). While not required for our device, this clinical will allow us the data and information required to move Dechoker closer to placement everywhere in the USA and globe.  

MEDICAL DIRECTOR - We have brought on a Medical Director for Dechoker. The Medical Director will further help in assisting drive the Dechoker device through education and promotion within the public and medical community.

CONGRESSIONAL CONVERSATIONS - The leaders at Dechoker also recently spoke with a New York senator about inclusion in NY state protocols with the goal of putting devices all over the state to protect its residents from choking fatalities.

INFOMERCIAL - We have recently filmed a new infomercial for our device. This should begin to air in the next few weeks on many of the nationwide cable news stations. Keep an eye out for it!

UPDATED IMAGE - We are in the process of launching our new look website, as well as new unit look and new packaging. We will keep things posted on our social media accounts and keep your eyes on the website for a new look in the next couple of weeks.

Dechoker is continuing to push for eradicating choking deaths throughout the globe.

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