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Information to Amanda - KWWL

March 13, 2018

Information to Amanda - KWWL - Dechoker


I would like to take this opportunity to address and elaborate on the phone call that I had with you earlier today, explaining Dechoker, and its mission.

Dechoker is a manual suction device that will save lives. Our goal is to spread the Dechoker device into every part of the world eradicating choking deaths globally.

Dechoker has already saved 15 lives globally, seven of which were in one of the largest providers of support and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the United States - supporting more than 16,000 people across most states.

Dechoker is a class I FDA registered device and CE certified for Europe. We are in 20 countries right now and we are growing slowly. We have just finished a review by the MHRA in the United Kingdom where they have given us guidance on marketing and selling our device throughout the UK. Before the Dechoker was the Heimlich and before that choking was a genuine epidemic, there has never been a device made like Dechoker. Now that the Heimlich is mainstream it has saved thousands of lives, but still only saves 60% of those that it is used on. Globally we are still losing over 100,000 lives a year due to choking, many of which are obese, pregnant, in wheelchairs, or elderly - all of which are conditions in which the Heimlich Maneuver is not effective.

We have been on the market for over two years and the Red Cross protocol is still our largest obstacle. This protocol currently recommends back slaps, abdominal thrusts then move to CPR. Most states are using this protocol for choking events. Many individuals and companies have taken it upon themselves to follow state protocol but then add us to the third position in that protocol. We fit right in after back slaps and abdominal thrusts have failed, you then deploy Dechoker before moving to CPR. The average timeframe for a first responder to arrive at an emergency is around 11 minutes, according to studies it takes 10 minutes to have probable irreversible brain damage with 6-10 minutes likely brain damage.

We have gotten stories emailed to us many times of responders getting there too late and the victim being brain dead due to lack of oxygen. We have also gotten many messages where there was serious physical damage such as broken ribs, bruised diaphragm, injured vitally important internal organs, etc., we know the Heimlich has worked and has saved many lives, but often not without its serious side effects and not always.

The time for the debate is now! There is a lot of controversy about the Red Cross and its choking protocol due to 100,000 people dying globally from choking and over 5,000 people dying in the United States alone from choking. Most companies use Red Cross protocol to not purchase the Dechoker, stating that they do not want to get sued for not adhering to protocol. The sad part of this is that companies are still being sued by families who lost their loved ones due to choking. We advocate for them to follow the state protocol and add the Dechoker to it, eliminate your lawsuits by saving that life – many companies have done this and seen fantastic results for both their patients and their bottom line.

The Red Cross reviews their protocols about once every four years and like we have been told, they are a charity and their reputation is very important to them. I have even had a government agency tell me that they would like to see 400 lives saved before making amendments, that would mean that 1 million people would die in the time it takes to get that result!

We have litigating attorneys coming on board with the Dechoker device. One of which is Mr. Craig Goldenfarb, Esq., bio is listed on our website. Mr. Goldenfarb is out of West Palm Beach, FL and is in a position to start pursuing companies who fail to adopt Dechoker even though it is a proven lifesaving product. Another attorney will be listed after a meeting I have on Wednesday. I have never really been a fan of litigation, but I understand it if it means that it brings new products to the market and can help saves lives - then it has its place and we support that.

We take the position that Dechoker is 99% risk-free. I have used it on myself over 300 times and have never had any side effects from it. We have also never had any reports of side effects from those whose lives have been saved by the device.

Choking is not a second attempt – We don’t have time to correct it tomorrow. If the obstruction is not removed, you are typically going to die or going to be brain damaged. To know that a device is out there that will keep these young children, parents, grandparents, families, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and friends alive when all other options have failed is liberating.

We are pushing hard to get Dechoker out there – in the mainstream. We are often asked by those without the funds how to get these units that they desperately need, and we often donate the units. Union Middle School, and Union Community School District is a prime example of this type of donation – we want to save lives and getting Dechoker units out there is how we can do that.

Dechoker is a young company and we have our issues and mistakes along the way with administration and standard procedures, but we work to correct those immediately. We are signing up distributors daily and are moving product all over the world. We are very proud of this product and we hope to end all the debates of naysayers about this life saving device.

Again, it is time for the debate and we are ready. If it takes a little negative news get the debate started, then so be it - Dechoker’s intentions are worthy. Our goal is to get this product out there and save every life we can.

Thank you for your time and reaching out to Dechoker.

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