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The Top Places to Store Your Dechoker

October 04, 2019

The Top Places to Store Your Dechoker Anti-Choking Device

In a choking emergency, a victim can suffer serious medical consequences after just four minutes without oxygen. Every moment counts in these dire situations. That’s why it’s so critical to be ready to act when an emergency happens, and the first step in any good preparedness plan is finding the right spot for The Dechoker. 

If you’ve already taken the safeguard measure of bringing a Dechoker device home, congratulations! And if you’re still thinking about it and doing your research, congrats to you, too! You’re well on your way to ensuring your family’s safety. 

Now let’s talk about the next step. Any first-aid equipment should be stored near the place you might need it so you can have it on hand immediately. Here are some of our best suggestions for where to store The Dechoker:

  • In a kitchen cabinet: The kitchen is at the center of most family activities, and it’s also where most food is consumed in the home. Food is by far the most common cause of choking across all age groups, so it’s wise to keep The Dechoker near the dinner table. Additionally, a lot of families keep other emergency equipment such as a fire extinguisher or standard first-aid kit in the kitchen. The bathroom is another common spot for first-aid kits, but we think The Dechoker is better placed near the kitchen where most eating occurs. 
  • In the car: What about when you’re outside the home? Just as you might keep a first-aid kit in your trunk, we recommend a Dechoker in your vehicle, too. From fast food meals in the car to family camping trips to the post-soccer practice snack, there are a lot of choking risks outside the home. The Dechoker is small enough to be added to many standard first aid kits or other emergency equipment that you would commonly keep in the trunk.
  • In your workplace breakroom: How about other locations where you spend a lot of time? Let’s talk about workplaces. State and federal laws dictate that certain first-aid equipment be easily accessible at work, and for many offices and other places of business, that means in a breakroom. This is a good spot because it’s usually centrally located and also where a lot of workers eat lunch. Different kinds of businesses may have good alternative locations, though, so keep that in mind for your workplace if you or your employer want to add The Dechoker to your emergency equipment.
  • Near high-risk patients: Lastly, it’s important to mention locations near people who are at a high risk of choking. Young kids and elderly people are at a heightened risk, and some people have certain medical conditions that make swallowing difficult, as well. If you have a loved one who has a high risk, it may be wise to keep a Dechoker nearby at all times, whether that’s in a bedside nightstand or in a diaper bag or backpack while on the go. 

Remember, The Dechoker is small in size, making it easy to store in nearly any location or to take with you outside the home. We also sell The Dechoker as part of a larger first-aid kit and with accessories such as mounting cases for businesses. Consider what would work best for you and your family. 

See more about the Dechoker here.

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