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Real Life Save Stories

This is a small handful of the 433 lives saved by the DechokerĀ® device.

Please, protect your loved ones today! Choking tragedies are preventable. A child chokes to death once every 2 days. We pray you never need our product, but statistics say you will and when that time comes, the DechokerĀ® device can clear an airway obstruction in seconds.

DechokerĀ® Saves 65-Year-Old Woman with Dysphagia from Choking on Dinner
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Save #217 - DechokerĀ® Clears Cantaloupe from Airway of 11-Month-Old Girl
Toddler Chokes on Foil Confetti
Mother Saves 10-Month-Old from Choking on Ravioli
15-Month-Old Saved from Choking on Animal Cracker
DechokerĀ® Saves One-Year-Old from Potato Chip
DechokerĀ® Dislodges a Sticker From 8-Month-Old
DechokerĀ® Saves 10-Month-Old When 911 Connection Fails
3-Year-Old Choked on PB&J, Saved by DechokerĀ®
DechokerĀ® Saves Autistic 3-Year-Old with Dysphagia
Man Uses DechokerĀ® to Save Himself from Choking
3-Year-Old Boy Chokes on a Corn Dog, Saved with DechokerĀ®