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Dechoker Receives FDA Registration and Approval

We are very pleased to announce we have received our FDA Registration and have begun the process of setting up inventory and distribution out of Salisbury, North Carolina.  We plan to begin shipping the Dechoker Medical Device by July. 

Announcement of CFO Mark Shores

We are also excited to announce the addition of Mark Shores to the position of CFO of Dechoker LLC. Mark has a very strong accounting background and will be a great asset to our financial team going forward Mark resides in Salisbury, NC. 

As we continue to build inventory and complete the Dechoker executive team, we are incredibly excited with the company's progress so far and the possibility of the many lives Dechoker can help.

Connect with Dechoker

Please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages as we have lots of exciting news coming soon.

Thank you for all of your continued support throughout this process. We could not do it without you.


Christopher Kellogg