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Real-Life Saves

This is a small handful of the 144 lives saved by Dechoker. Please, Protect Your Loved ones today! Choking tragedies are preventable. A child chokes to death once every 5 days. We pray you never need our product, but statistics say you will and when that time comes….
Dechoker can clear an airway obstruction in seconds:



We pray you never need to use the Dechoker but are confident that Dechoker can save a life.
The Testimonial from the mom:
" You just saved my son's life!!! He was eating a pork chop this evening and started to choke (he could not breath) - I grabbed my DeChoker and it pulled the piece of pork chop right out as advertised. Words cannot express my gratitude. Forever Grateful,” L.G.


Sweet Grandpa Barry from Florida is # 143


1 year old boy is #142

"My 1 year old choked on a piece of lil sticks. My wife tried to pat his back and that did not work. Luckily my wife told me one night to buy the Dechoker. It saved his life." C.B.


#141 is a little girl from Alaska

"As being a new dad I like taking 2 steps ahead of everything with a game plan, and being a new father and seeing this product, I knew I had to have one on hand. My daughter is now getting to eat finger foods and treats and this evening she was enjoying berries and one happen to block her airway, I didn't panic and responded as quickly as possible with the Dechoker I bought for babies and sure enough it dislodged the berry as it was not only blocking her airway but lodged in and using the product I even felt it dislodge while using it! I cannot thank you enough! I urge everyone to definitely keep one in their household! Thank you!" J.A. 


#140 is an 11 year old boy!

"My 11 YO son Parker who has Down Syndrome and is autistic sat at the dinner table. My wife placed a bagel in front of him. She went to grab a knife to cut it up for him. Once she left he grabbed the bagel and took a large bit. When she returned he was chocking. Turning red. Panicking. He vomited. It wouldn't dislodge. She grabbed the Dechoker and used it to immediately dislodge the bagel. She had never used it before or even held it. It was simple to use and effective. We truly believe it saved Parkers life." S.J.


# 139 is Bella.

Meet 5-year-old Isabella (Her mom calls her Bella). This is what Bella’s mom sent Dechoker along with her picture:

“I could not believe how quickly it happened. One-minute Bella was watching T.V. enjoying her grapes and then the normal sounds of my 5-year-old stopped. I could see her immediately struggle to stand, the fear I saw in her eyes was terrifying. Within seconds her face turned blue as she grabbed at her mouth and throat. I panicked, slapping her on the back and reaching into her mouth to get the grape out. My husband heard my screams for help and came running, he did the same as I did slap her, even turning her upside down. When I was calling 911, Bella’s eyes closed. My husband remembered we had the Dechoker on the refrigerator and on the second pull, the grape came out. As Bella started to breathe again, I realized I almost lost my little princess. EMTs arrived and had Bella checked out. Thank the good Lord she is fine. Thank you for inventing this miracle product, my daughter is alive today because of this.” M.M.


# 136, 137 and 138 are from SPAIN.

A great day at Dechoker. One of our Elderly Care facilities in Spain has sent us confirmation of three saves of choking elder residents in their facilities. Below are the actual incident reports translated into English. The amazing part of these saves is that all three had different Medical Professionals present performing the Heimlich maneuver first. All three victims were choking on a unique substance, and the Heimlich failed in all three incidents. Dechoker was used successfully in all three facilities. Dechoker does not claim to be a replacement for the Heimlich, but Dechoker is a highly effective device that can be used in a choking emergency and should be in every household.



#135 is a 9 months old baby!

"I just wanted to say this product saved my sons life last night. I am and forever grateful for it!! He is 9 months going on 10! ❤️
Our son was choking on toast and unable to breathe after we preformed the Heimlich and everything else in our power! I ran and grabbed our Dechoker that I keep close by always and it sucked the toast right out! I am thanking God I chose to buy the Dechoker because without it my son would not be here. I couldn't imagine losing him and have never been so scared in my life. This truly saved him and I will forever have a Dechoker on hand for my son, myself, or a family member!"  S.S.

 Alia is reported save #134. 

“Chilling on the couch with the baby. Watching videos on phone. She is next to me quietly. Too quiet. I notice she is sitting upright lightheaded. She cannot breathe, I am not sure if 5 seconds or a minute had already passed, I immediately try to remove the pretzel she was eating by hitting her back/Heimlich etc. Nothing. 30 seconds had passed. So now it is 30 seconds plus however long, I remember we have a Dechoker device in her bag... adrenaline too high and the baby is now basically lifeless, and I thought she died on my watch. I remember thinking "if she dies tonight, I die tonight as well. I thought I was about to fail her as a father and guardian.. That was not good. This pretzel was stuck deep. My wife found the Dechoker. I finally lay her down on the ottoman and get the pretzel out for good, the pretzel was not like a "piece" of pretzel, it was chewed - mush and caused it to block airway.
I know she's my blood/ my kid because somehow, she still had a pretzel and continued eating it as I walked around holding her... We sat on the couch. She laid down still hugging me. Very intense. Hope that never happens again”

#133 Parents saved their daughter during a trip.

"My name is Chelsey, … my husband and I went on a boat ride with our 1.5-year-old daughter and brought some strawberries to munch on. My daughter was eating one when all of a sudden we noticed she was struggling to breathe, we both know the Heimlich maneuver but we bought the Dechoker anyways because you just never know… With one pump of the Dechoker the strawberry was dislodged from her throat. We are so so thankful for this and that our daughter is still here with us today. There are not enough thank you’s to express!"

#132  SON who SAVED his FATHER:

Dechoker has saved another choking victim. This is save #132. Please take a moment and read this encounter which came straight from the SON who SAVED his FATHER:
 "This device 100% saved my dads life last night. He started choking nothing was working and grabbed it from the cabinet and on the third pull it came out. He would not be here today if I didn’t buy that for them. He’s my best friend, THANK YOU for your company and product from our family." A.A.
 *The family reporting this save did not want their picture or names posted publicly. With their permission, we are posting their exact words of the incident but not their names or pictures. The picture in this post is a stock photo.


#131 Ben saved his son


"My name is Ben,  A few nights ago the Dechoker saved my sons life. He's 8 years old.  He was eating... cereal in the living room and I heard him making a odd noise. I looked over from the kitchen and he appeared to be struggling to breath. I asked him if he could breathe and he looked up and just shook his head no. I asked him again and he shook his head in more of a panic this time. I grabbed the Dechoker from the top of the fridge and ripped the packaging open. I got down on the floor and he put the tube in his mouth and I pushed the mouth piece against him to make a seal. I pumped the handle 4 times and on the 4th pull I felt the suction get really tight and then the cereal came out. He took a huge breath and was ok after that."

I want to thank you with everything I have. I don't know the Heimlich maneuver and am certain that the Dechoker saved his life. 


129th and 130th LIVES SAVED!


Dechoker has been informed of two more saves at an Adult Care Facility. This is the testimonial of a care worker from the facility:

“This works! Saved two lives at my job. I was working at an adult day care which basically is a place for elderly people to go… two people (on separate occasions) were choking... and once all other methods continued to fail (in both instances)- someone ran for the DeCHOKER and it worked and saved their lives” M.M.

#128 is this beautiful little angel in the picture.

“I heard her making a strange noise and looked up to see she was choking and her skin was turning purple. We flipped her across my husbands lap and began tapping her back trying to clear her throat. At this point we called 911. We then remembered out Dechoker we had bought a few months prior and ran to get it. We used it as directed and heard a loud suction as we pulled and the lever. There was a large piece of chicken from lunch that the Dechoker dislodged from her throat and she was able to take a big gasp of air and let out a cry. After her throat was cleared the paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later to examine her and she was healthy and doing well. I know it was a sign from God that we bought this product and I am confident it saved our baby girls life. I am so grateful for this product and may God bless everyone that works for this company.” A.H.




A Plastic Wrapper Can Be Deadly
 "This morning while I was making lily breakfast daisy was happily playing in the pantry which I allowed because I keep things clean and didn’t think there was anything in there that would hurt her.... well... as I’m standing there watching her play I notice she’s starting to struggle. She’s obviously chocking. So I zone in on her and watch her to see if she’ll be able to resolve it herself... As I watch I just know she’s struggling more and more. As the seconds are going by and she’s now turning all blotchy and red I’m starting to panic. When she made no noise other than choking sounds by this point I had her in my hands and was trying to dislodge it through her chest compressions... I could tell this was bad.. this was REALLY bad she needed some serious help. I contemplated wether to call 911 right then or grab my Dechoker that I had in a safe spot easily accessible. quickly I grabbed it and used it on her and a ball of plastic was dislodged from her throat. This device saved my babies life today. I had 911 typed in my phone and was ready to call till I realized that the device did what it was supposed to and cleared her airways. I’m writing this all teary eyed so thankful that she’s her playing next to me. I highly suggest getting this device if you have little kids... my morning could have been a tragedy with out it."
A Parent Saves Her Daughter


#125 Casey

Mom Removes Shrimp Obstruction
 "Caseyboo had a bit of a rough evening at dinner tonight...she choked on some shrimp. While daddy got her up and tried to see if changing her position helped, I ran to get her #dechoker device and we were successful in suctioning out that piece of shrimp you see in the photo. This is a constant concern we have with Casey as she can be a lazy chewer AND tends to chipmunk food away in her cheek causing a traffic jam in her little throat. A year or so ago Dad, @grumpyduckphart , was watching her alone one weekend and Casey choked so badly on breakfast potatoes, dad had to rush her to the ER to make sure she had not aspirated any in her lungs. A few weeks ago my cousin, Dr. Greg Simmons, showed me this device and I ordered a child/adult set for $99 on Amazon.....tonight was the first time we used it and I am grateful for my cousin showing it to me....and now I am showing it to you so you might consider having a set in your own households to use in the event of an emergency❤"