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Help in a Choking Emergency

The team at Dechoker has design a revolutionary new medical device that can help increase the chances of surviving a choking emergency. It passed stringent FDA testing, has been registered as a Class 1 medical device, and is easy to use on yourself or someone else.

Dechoker has changed the game in a choking emergency and will sit next to its sister, the AED, in every community gathering place, sporting venues, care facilities, first responder kits, on the battleground and always in the home

A leading cause of death
in children

One child
every 5 days

A chocking death


Visits to the ER
for choking


Safety at every stage of life

Dechoker currently makes 3 sizes of units, everyone from the ages of 6 months - 120 years old has a Dechoker which is made for them. Whether you are an adult looking for one in your home, or a parent looking to keep one in their diaper bag, we have got you covered.




Dechoker Features

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Smooth and light pull handle allows anyone, no matter the age, to utilize the Dechoker to its full capability. Children can use the adult unit on their elders!

The cylinder has been engineered to provide the optimal amount of suction pressure needed to dislodge a foreign object stuck in your airway.

This valve prevents any fluid or debris from re-entering the oral cavity, ensuring nothing is being forced down the trachea.

This tube does not enter the trachea, but rather the back of the jaw – This allows better access to the airway while keeping the tongue and cheeks from being sucked in.

We have a large national registration for those in need but limited funding to meet the overwhelming demand.


We receive requests every day. You and/or your business can help provide comfort and peace of mind to those who need it most but can’t afford the Dechoker unit by becoming a Dechoker monthly sponsor. Most donations are tax-deductible.

“I received our Dechoker yesterday and I am so thankful for it. It will be such a wonderful tool for us when my youngest daughter is aspirating. She has enough problems that I have to worry about and having the Dechoker will help take one of the problems away. Thank you so much for letting us be one of your chosen recipients.”


Our vision is for Dechoker to be in every home, school, hospital, restaurant as well as placed in every ambulance, fire truck, retailer, military base, daycare, etc.


Whether you eat at the dining table, or on TV trays, choking in the home is a very real and dangerous thing. Don’t be left without a way to help yourself if an emergency does arise.


Break rooms across the country are constantly being used for food and drinks throughout the day. Let your employees know you care and have this in place - Just in case.


From the lunch room in daycares to the dining halls in colleges and universities, eating is a daily thing in schools, make sure you have this when a choking emergency happens.


The world’s largest employer, with offices, military bases, and programs all over the world with 24/7 coverage, choking emergencies can and will happen in these places.


Create the safest environment you can, from assisted living communities, to hospitals, to EMS. Choking is a constant emergency in these places, be ready when the do happen


Choking is a real issue in restaurants, hotels, bars and casinos across the world. Food is a common theme at these establishments, ensure your choking insurance policy is in place


Looking to carry the next great product? Ensure your first aid kits are ready for homes and businesses. From the smallest medical store to the largest retailers, you need to carry this.


Metro rails, cruise ships, airplanes, buses, etc. We constantly eat and drink food on these. Everyone from children to the elderly are at risk for choking - Be ready.


Another Needless Victim to Choking

January 03, 2018

  We often get stories sent to us about choking victims, some are saved using Dechoker, others heard about our device too late. We wanted to share this story with you that we received today, these are needless deaths and can be stopped! Help us spread the word and get this wonderful product in people's hands.   This story was submitted by Pete -  "We were eating a steak dinner in our hotel room in Gatlinburg, TN.   I had used the Heimlich on my wife twice before in our 12 year marriage.  I could tell... READ MORE