Clinical Reviews and Commentary - Dechoker

Clinical Reviews and Commentary

  • "I thought it was a GREAT device.  I could see a use in childcare centers, schools, restaurants, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, anywhere meals are served.  I would definitely consider for personal/home and would highly recommend the device."- Kathy H.W, Ph.D. , FHFMA /Assistant Professor/MA Health Care Administration

  • "The Dechoker is an essential medical device that is innovative, easy to use, and a much needed alternative or addition to the Heimlich Maneuver, for choking incidents. I would put one in the trunk of my car for first responder reasons, I would put one in my kitchen, I would recommend my company have one for our office in the break room and I would recommend them to my facilities and doctors offices where I see patients. I would consider the Dechoker to be useful in a wide variety of establishments; hospitals, ER's, Assisted Livings, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult and child day care centers, retirement communities, country club or neighborhood amenity centers, restaurants, school cafeterias and sports complexes , as well as classrooms. Universities, sports arenas, coliseums, kid friendly entertainment complexes, water parks, resorts, convention centers, churches and synagogues, hotels and motels, rental property, tour buses, single and multi family homes. The list truly goes on an on. I would highly recommend the Dechoker and cannot imagine not having one, after seeing the ease of use and the advantages for certain populations, over just using the Heimlich Maneuver. - Kathryn J.M, CMA

  • "Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful medical device. I have been a Nursing Home Administrator for eleven year, and I am extremely excited about being able to introduce this device into our industry. There are several opportunities for the Decker to be used in the skilled nursing environment. A large percentage of the population that we deal with experiences some type of difficulty in swallowing, and the Dechoker can obviously be used to clear the airway, but could also be used to assist patients that may "pocket" food in their mouths.

    I see the Dechoker being placed in all of the common areas in our nursing facility, as well as on our cart that contains other life saving devices and equipment. There are also patients, with certain conditions, that could benefit from having a Dechoker near at all times. As they become familiar with the Dechoker and come to understand the numerous benefits of the device, I anticipate that the physicians that oversee the care of those in nursing homes may order a Dechoker to be placed in the rooms of certain high-risk patients.

    On a personal note, as a father of a toddler who has experienced a choking incident when she was younger, I have already put a Dechoker in my own house. Based on my personal and professional experience, I can, without hesitation, recommend the Dechoker to everyone. Thank you, again, for sharing this great product with me." - Casey B, Nursing Home Administrator

  • "We just received the dechoker and training on how to use it, have not had to use it yet but think it will be wonderful when the need arises. I feel as though every daycare, school, nursing home, assisted living facility, hospital,and restaurant should have these readily available. Thanks for providing us with this." - Anita L, Director of Operations

  • "I am writing to recommend purchase of the Dechoker for use across all age groups. It has the potential, if available, to be a true life-saver for all populations. Accidental choking is not confined to any specific age group and therefore, the Dechoker is appropriate for all settings. I see tremendous application for day cares, schools, Emergency Departments, nursing facilities. It’s also very appropriate for home use and for kids who eat in car seats while traveling. At home, I would keep my Dechoker with my flashlights and fire extinguishers. They are always in the same place and I don’t have to think about where it would be in an emergency setting. I am hopeful that the Dechoker will become a standard purchase for homes, schools, hospitals and nursing facilities."Elizabeth S, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist