Dechoker CareCard Registration

Dechoker CareCard Registration

Due to the demand and outpouring we have received for our product, we wanted to find a way to assist those who couldn't otherwise have the product. Dechoker wants to make sure that every single person has access to this wonderful product, our Dechoker CareCard is the answer to that!

Please fill out the registration form below to see if you qualify for our units at a rate of $59.95 for those who are financially unable to purchase, or $109.95 for seniors or those on social security. Those with a chronic illness, or a swallowing condition will be processed first. This contact form will allow us to contact you, to determine if you qualify. This is a needs based program. We know that the need for this product is great. After you have been contacted, we have a board that will vote on a need basis as well as our own budgeting ability. In your message, please explain why you feel that you are a good candidate for the CareCard, if you have or haven't had a situation with a choking incident, and when is an appropriate time to be reached by one of our representatives.

1. After the approval process you will be given a discount code.

2. This discount code will be entered in the payment page, after you have added the product to your cart.

3. After payment is received, you will then be shipped your Dechoker unit, 3-5 days later, your unit will be at your doorstep.

4. Dechoker will issue you a CareCard with your unique code printed on the back for future use.


Thank you,