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The Dechoker is a life-saving device that can be used for choking first aid on anyone 12 months or older, regardless of illness, disorder or other health-related condition. Requiring minimal training, it can be safely administered and comes with easy step-by-step guidelines for use.

Choking incidents are the cause of over 100,000 visits to the Emergency Room each year. Whether you are a mother, father or grandparent, the Dechoker offers everyday preparedness.

Assembled, headquartered, and shipped in Denver, CO.


FDA Class I Life-saving Medical Device 

The Dechoker is engineered in a FDA-inspected facility and uses FDA medical grade materials. As the authority on anti-choking procedures, this life saving, choking prevention device is being endorsed by more and more doctors and medical professionals.


Safe and Harmless

This first aid device rests on top of the tongue and then uses targeted powerful suction to dislodge blockage from the airway in seconds.


Quick and Easy-to-Use

This medical device is one of the most effective ways to help someone in a life-saving event and can be used for choking emergencies on anyone ages 1 years and older. Requiring minimal training, it can be safely self-administered and comes with easy step-by-step guidelines for use.


For Every Home or Business

A choking death occurs every two hours. Add peace of mind and protect your friends and family with this rescue device. Whether you own a restaurant, run an office, or run a home, don't be left unprotected. The sleek compact design allows you to store with your first aid kit or even a travel bag for portable, everyday preparedness.


Saving Lives

Dechoker is committed to saving lives and receives life-saving stories on a weekly basis. Dechoker’s goal is to become the standard of care for all choking-related emergencies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
Saved My 93 Year Old Father Today

This afternoon we took my father to lunch. He started to choke at the table. I tried to do the Heimlich maneuver. I had been trained on how to do it but I was having no luck. A man from the table next to us jumped in and tried and he was having no luck either. My dad couldn’t stand and was turning blue. A few minutes later a lady from another table came running up with a DeChoker she had run to her car to get. She saved my father’s life with it!!! I can’t thank those people enough or this company for making such an amazing product!!!
Also, the whole episode restored my faith in humanity. I was so grateful to all of the people that helped my Dad and none of them would take anything from me. My Dad was a retired marine and they just all thanked him for his service & were sooooo unbelievably nice!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

john posego
It’s large

Definitely not for someone with a small purse. This things a honker but if you’re concerned enough to get one you can make room.

Alejandro Levy
I’ll never have to use it - but I am glad I have it at home !

I hope I never have to use it ! But it seems as a great product

Allison Jack
Um.. I’ve never used it and hope I don’t have to.

It’s hard to give a review since I’ve never had to use it and pray I never do. But it’s worth the money to have a peace of mind in case an emergency happens.

Arnie Venegas
It’s a must have

I have had a few close encounters with my kids. Never been so happy to have a tool in case I need it one day. If you hav kids it’s a must have. Feels very sturdy and not cheaply made.