Dechoker Life Saving Device Rescues Choking Victim in Central Florida Home Care Agency January 31, 2017 13:50

CONCORD, N.C., January 25, 2017Dechoker, an innovative, FDA Registered, anti-choking device (ACD), has saved its 2nd life; This time of a man at a central Florida home care agency. In 2016, ResCare, Inc., the nation’s largest home care agency in the Orlando area, began placing the Dechoker in its residential homes and trained its staff on proper use. Within a few months, the Dechoker had made a lifesaving difference.

“Our employees worked together to help save our client’s life who was choking and it was all beneficial with the Dechoker device,” said Leah, program manager for ResCare Salem Homes of Florida. “One went to get the Dechoker and called 911, the other tried back blows and abdominal thrusts. Although these first aid methods were used, the piece of food would not dislodge until the Dechoker was administered. When the paramedics arrived, they determined the choking victim was fine.”

Dechoker is a first aid device designed to assist choking victims from the ages one year and up; people with illnesses, disorders, or other health-related conditions. With practical training, the device is easy to use in order to help save a life and prevent accidental death from choking.

“Stories like this is part of the reason why I invented, the Dechoker, I believed there needed to be a first aid device that helped save lives and prevent accidental death from choking,” said Alan Carver, founder of Dechoker, LLC. “As we continue to grow, we will always strive to raise awareness about choking prevention and offer the latest solutions in our market.”

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