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The Life-Saving Gadget Every Dad Should Own

June 12, 2019

The Life-Saving Choking Gadget Every Dad Should Own

Keeping a family safe, happy and healthy is a team effort, and we have been so pleased to see a surge of dads recently getting active on our social media to learn about choking first aid. Check out this recent comment we received on our Instagram account:

“Wow. Never seen this till now. I always have a fear my kids will choke on something and I won’t know what to do. Just watched the video on the website and looks like such a simple to use device. Going to order 2 right now. 1 for my truck when I have the kids on trips, and 1 for home.”

 It’s so encouraging for us to see this kind of proactive interest from parents — and dads in particular as we celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month this June.

First aid and preparedness are incredibly important in the crucial moments that follow the onset of a health emergency. It’s not uncommon in many family groups for one parent to be the one who steps in with the first-aid kit when kids get hurt, but we believe that the most successful outcomes arise when the whole family knows what to do.

So if you’re a dad in search of ways to improve the health and happiness of your family, we strongly encourage you to consider adding The Dechoker to your home. Here are some benefits:

  • It’s incredibly easy to use. The Dechoker is designed to be so simple that most adults could use it on themselves. Traditional anti-choking treatments such as the Heimlich maneuver come with injury risks and can be scary to perform. The Dechoker is a risk-free alternative that is as easy to use as placing a face mask and pulling back on a plunger. Watch this video to see it in action.
  • It’s affordable. Available in three sizes for toddlers, kids and adults, The Dechoker costs just $79.95.  
  • It provides peace of mind for the whole family. The most important benefit is the peace of mind of having a life-saving option at your fingertips should an emergency occur. We sincerely hope that every single one of our customers never has to use their Dechoker, but the truth is that choking fatalities do happen, and they happen to young kids at a higher rate. The Dechoker is a solution that can save lives.

We want families to have every possible tool at the ready should a choking emergency happen. The first step is education — and you’re well on your way just by reading this right now! Dads can take the next steps with these helpful resources:

What to do if a child is choking

Tips for how to talk to your family about choking prevention

The difference between choking, gagging, and coughing

The top foods that cause choking in kids

Household choking hazards you may have missed

We encourage dads to consider adding The Dechoker device to your family’s first-aid kit. Learn more about our innovative device here.

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