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Skip the Ties: The Father’s Day Gift that Could Save Dad’s Life

June 10, 2019

Dechoker Anti-Choking Device for a Father's Day Gift

The older our dads get, the harder it seems to be to find Father’s Day gifts that will add value to their lives. This year, we suggest you skip the neckties, socks and gift cards for a different type of present: a little peace of mind in the form of The Dechoker.

Our innovative choking first-aid device is starting to stem the tide of fatalities around the world, particularly among the most vulnerable groups of people, such as the elderly. At nursing homes in Europe, its use is growing in popularity, and dozens of lives have been saved.

If you have an aging parent, we believe The Dechoker is an invaluable component of any first-aid kit. Really, we believe every family should have a Dechoker, but it’s particularly critical for families with young children and elderly members, two groups who are at the highest risk of choking.

As we age, we’re more likely to lose fine motor skills and to develop a variety of conditions that can make swallowing difficult, from dental problems to stroke and neuromuscular diseases. Trouble swallowing is known as dysphagia, and it’s far more common among the elderly. And people with dysphagia are far more likely to suffer a serious choking emergency.

With Father’s Day coming up, we think this is an ideal time to make a difference in the lives of all the deserving older dads out there. If your father is living with your family, with a spouse, on his own or even in a care facility, adding The Dechoker to his first-aid kit could be a gift that saves a life.

The Dechoker is designed as an alternative to traditional anti-choking treatments such as the Heimlich maneuver, which come with risks and can be intimidating to perform. The Dechoker is so easy to use that most people could even use it on themselves. To use the device, simply place the face mask over the choking person’s mouth and nose, and pull back on the plunger. This creates suction that often clears the airway within seconds.

Choking can be a scary topic to bring up with your aging parents, but we are firm believers that there’s peace of mind in being prepared. We encourage families who purchase The Dechoker to have a frank conversation about choking risks and come up with a plan for what to do if someone in the household has an emergency. Watch this video together to see The Dechoker in action and get a sense of how you might use it yourself.

Use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to add the gift of preparedness to Dad’s life — and the whole family’s. Our elderly fathers understand better than anyone what it means to make good choices for the health and safety of our family members. And although a Dechoker might not be as silly a Father’s Day gift as a novelty necktie, we can think of no more valuable present than peace of mind.

Learn how to purchase The Dechoker for your household here.

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